External Links:

Links to outside sources for tutorials and help!

Personal Deviantart Tutorial List- Here is a bunch of different tutorials I have collected over the years for all kinds of artistic things from digital art to fursuit making. Chances are you'll find something useful here!

Monster List of Tutorials- A bunch of tutorials related to costume making!

DreamVisionCreations Tutorial List (Fursuit Making)- A helpful list with a variety of fursuit making tutorials, as well as some fur buying sites.

Matrices.net (Fursuit Making)- A bunch of very useful fursuit making tutorials.

Beetlecat Tutorials- A few more fursuit making things!

FursuitAssist- a group on DeviantART with a TON of fursuit tutorials

Fursuit Head Building Tutorials by Kloofsuits- great fursuit head making tutorials!

Youtube Fursuit Tutorials- You can't go wrong with just searching for tutorials! There are plenty on YouTube.

Figure and Gesture Drawing- A really cool site for improving your drawing. Sit back and draw while the site shows you pictures. Plenty of costomizable features!

Living Lines Library- AWESOME collection of concepts, sketches and lines from a variety of animated movies and shows. Super inspirational and amazing!

Reference Sheet Lineart- A very useful list of line art to create your character! Free to use, and a big variety of animals.

Furry Lineart- Some more free line art :)

Construction Notes on Building a Dragon- Exactly what it sounds like!

Wings That Work- Some cool construction notes about articulated wings

Cosplay Tutorial- A huge and amazing resource for a ton of things costume related!

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