Here you'll find answers to commonly asked art questions. If you have questions regarding fursuits or any other general info, check out my Fursuit F.A.Q. or my General F.A.Q.!

How do I commission you for artwork?

Generally, I open for specific types of art commissions through my Telegram channel. Following my Telegram channel is the easiest and most effective way to get a commission slot from me. However, if you have an idea that is unique or would like to run a concept by me, I am willing to take a look at it. Send an email to with a well-written description of your project. Please be sure to read my Terms of Service and What I Will and Won’t Draw before sending me any messages! If I receive emails that are very poorly written or asking for artwork that go against my policies, they will not get an answer.

What do you need as far as character references and ideas?

Some people want a very clear front and back reference sheet of the character standing with arms and legs spread. These are okay for understanding the markings, but they are incredibly boring and uninspiring to me. If you have a fleshed out character already then I would love to see artwork of them that shows of the kind of personality and look that you want them to have; send me pieces that show a style of artwork that you believe jives with the character and who they are. I would also love a short explanation of the characters personality, as well as your idea for the expression and situation you’d like the character portrayed in. For most of my commissions, I don’t charge enough to spend a long time talking about and specifying what the piece will look like; so a degree of artistic liberty must be given. For ideas that are very specific or grandiose, we will have to discuss fees for the extra time spent deciding and refining the piece.

How long will it take for you to finish my commission?

I despise queues and will avoid taking a long time to finish commissions as much as possible. I like to take commissions and finish them within one or two days if I can! On the rare occasion that I take on bigger pieces, I will give a timeframe for completion on a case-by-case basis.

What should I expect my commission to look like?

I will usually provide an example of artwork I’ve previously done to give you a general idea as to what your final piece will look like. I don’t care much for having a set “style” and tend to draw however I think people will enjoy. If you would like your piece to have a specific look, let me know! I am capable of emulating and combining with almost any variety of artistic styles. I obviously will not straight up copy anything, but enjoy having a springboard to inspire the direction of a piece.

Do you offer work in progress shots?

By default I do not. As mentioned before I do my best to finish pieces very quickly and don’t have the time to send work in progress shots and wait for a response. I also don’t usually charge enough to cover extra changes that a commissioner may want done to the piece. If you would really like work in progress updates, I can offer them for extra fees depending on the size of the piece and amount of changes you want made.

Do you offer video time-lapse/speedpaints for commissions?

I can almost always offer a time-lapse for digital pieces as long as my software doesn’t give out on me. You need only to ask! Sometimes I’ll take time lapses and post them to my YouTube channel along with some music.

What mediums do you use for your art?

For digital art I am currently using the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and the program Procreate. For traditional work I use a variety of mediums including inks, graphite, watercolors, Prismacolor markers, and acrylics.

I’ve commissioned you for artwork, what am I allowed to do with it?

You may only use your commissioned piece for personal use or non-profit projects. This means you can post it in your online gallery, print it out for your own home, use it as an icon, etc. You may not reproduce or redistribute it in physical form to anyone else. If you would like to use the piece commercially, such as artwork for a monetized Youtube channel, logo design, advertising flyers, or any situation where the artwork will be distributed for profit, you must discuss it with me and extra fees will be incurred.

What's the easiest way to communicate with you?

Only contact me with questions after reading all relevant FAQs and documents found on this website. If you still have questions, you may email me at . Response time is usually one to two weeks. Emails which serve no business purpose or which ask questions that are clearly answered on this site will be disregarded. I look forward to hearing from you!