Here you'll find answers to commonly asked general questions. If you have questions regarding art or fursuits, check out my Art F.A.Q. or my Fursuit F.A.Q.!

Where did you come up with the name "Tsebresos"? How do you pronounce it?

The name "Tsebresos" is simply the first letter of my first name, and then my maiden name after it. Creative, I know, but it works! It is pronounced Tee-say-bray-sose, but you can simply call me Tes.

Who is this canine character I keep seeing?

That would be Tes, the anthropomorphic personification of myself. Whenever I feel like drawing myself in any situation, I draw her. Since I enjoy drawing animals way more than anything else, drawing Tes comes naturally and easily! If you're curious, check out Tes's reference sheet here:
Tes Reference Sheet

What about that feline character Tes is always with?

That's Myles, the anthropomorphic representation of my husband! His character is a caracal/cougar hybrid. Who knew that cats and dogs could get along so well? You can see his reference sheet here if you'd like:
Myles Reference Sheet

Can I use your art?

You may only use my art for PERSONAL USE or NON-PROFIT projects. You may not reproduce or redistribute any of my art, unless you get explicit permission from me. My gallery is not a free image library.

Are all the characters in your gallery your own?

No; not all characters portrayed on my site belong to me, but I did draw and make everything you see here. Characters belong to their respective owners but I still retain all rights on the art. My gallery includes commissions and trades. If you are the original recipient of the artwork and do not want your piece displayed here, please contact me and let me know.

Is this your full-time job? What do you do?

After graduating from a college animation program, this has become my full time job! It includes working with textiles, sculpting, molding, casting, drawing, painting, running social media accounts, running online store fronts, customer interaction, recording finances, and much more. Running a business can be challenging but I love it, and plan to keep growing and expanding in the future.

How did you get into drawing?

Ever since I was little I've liked drawing, but at that age the stuff I came up with was just as bad as any other child's. Although a small portion of my ability could be attributed to talent, most of my skill comes from constant practice. I enjoy art and drawing, so I do it (a lot), which always leads to eventual improvement in any skill. I also surround myself with works from other artists; others' outstanding work inspires me to improve and helps me along my artistic journey.

Do you do commissions/sell stuff?

I do, in many forms. Check out the details on my Art Commissions and Fursuit Commissions, or take a look at my Webstore for fursuit parts, t-shirts, stickers, and more. All commissions are subject to my Terms of Service.

Can I get free art/requests from you?

It's possible, but highly unlikely if you're asking. I typically reserve such gifts for close friends, people who inspire me, or individuals who have helped me out or gone out of their way to be kind.

Can I draw fanart for you?

Of course, I love getting gifts! However, please remember that all of my characters are copyrighted to me, so do not try to sell or reproduce such art without my permission.

Can I use your characters in my story/comic?

If you wish to do that, contact me and we can figure it out. At most, I allow for my characters to play minor roles, not star as main figures in such works.

Are you a "Furry?"

The term "Furry" mostly means that one likes anthropomorphic (which means "having human characteristics") animals. And do I? Yes. I have ever since I can remember, loving popular media such as the Redwall and Warriors series, Disney movies including The Rescuers or 101 Dalmations, and a general love for artwork especially in relation to anthropomorphism. My association with the Furry Fandom stems from a love of all creatures, and I spend many an hour reading, researching and observing the behaviors and husbandry of thousands of animals. In the end I do consider myself a Furry, however I don't deeply associate with the fandom for the fandoms sake, but as a platform to expand my love for real animals as well as fantasy and anthropomorphic works.

Do you go to conventions?

Yes! My husband and I love to travel and we attend a a number each year. Although we occasionally can go to conventions on the East coast, we're mostly confined to the West. I announce the conventions we're going to attend on the home page so you can take a look!